Friday, June 8, 2012

Ready for Summer 2012

Is it possible to still feel exhausted after a week and a half of summer vacation?  Yup!  I don’t know about all you teachers out there, but I am utterly exhausted!  Part of me thinks it is because I have had some health issues this year; the other part of me remembers being tired last year.  The only thing I don’t remember is when I stopped being exhausted.  I digress…
We are looking to expand our readership and are working on a Facebook page.  Currently it is not very glamorous, but come on over and take a look.  The Suggestion Box is open. 
In addition to setting up our page, Ember and I have our to-do lists.  What is on your summer to-do list?

My summer to-do list:
·         Recover from a long school year, aka rest aka read lots and sleep
·         Read
·         Nap
·         Work part-time
·         Hang out with Ember more
·         School stuff: lesson plan, common core standards, etc.

Ember’s to-do list:
·         Walk everyday
·         Play everyday
·         Play ball everyday
·         Go to the dog park everyday
·         Be loved everyday
·         Give lots of kisses everyday

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