Monday, July 2, 2012

Dante’s Inferno with a Modern Twist: Petronella & the Trogot by Cheryl Bentley

Just the Facts:

Overall Rating:  3 ½ Stars
Addiction Level:  I read it when I had a chance, but it was a quick read.
Believe-ability:  It was believable.
Favorite Quote:  “But only good folk like you, Pe…tro…ne…lla, can be happy because their souls be beautiful.  Folks with ugly souls liveth a life of misery.  If ye soul be ugly ye cannot be happy.”  -The Hooded Horseman, Part 2 Click to Tweet


Firstly I would like to thank NetGalley, Cheryl Bentley, and Sparkling Books for the opportunity to preview Petronella & the Trogot.   
Petronella & the Trogot is introduced as a supernatural chiller.  People who lived almost 1200 years ago, members of the Strincas civilization, start appearing and living in modern day Fort Willow.  Needless to say the Strincas resurrection scares (off) many modern day citizens.  If that were not enough, Bentley adds a hooded horseman (think Legend of Sleepy Hollow) and a black, evil monster tree in Petronella’s back yard. 
In Part 1 one you get to know Petronella-our protagonist, modern day Fort Willow inhabitants, the Strincas, and the evil Lord Fortesque.  In Part 2 Petronella and Percy, a Strinca, investigate the tree and find themselves on a journey.  Their journey is similar to Dante’s Inferno with a modern twist.
The beginning was confusing.  I had a difficult time following the story, as the narrator kept switching characters’ stories.  I was not sure whose story was most important:  Petronella’s, Maalox’s (her cat), or the Strincas’.  The black tree was mentioned several times, and I kept aching for more input.  Who/What is this thing?  Why does it appear to move?  What is it called?
As soon as I reached Part 2, it all came together.  Petronella and Percy go on a journey through hell.  Like Dante’s Inferno this hell has appropriate consequences for misdeeds done on earth.  For example, people who were gluttonous spend their afterlives on all fours gulping mud.  There is no enjoyment, just swallowing.  Bleck!
Let me put my teacher hat on for a minute…I think this novel would be a good companion to students reading Dante’s Inferno.  As much as I enjoy the Inferno, a lot time must be spent on background information.  Who are all these people in Dante’s hell?  What did they do?  Why did he punish this in this particular way?  In Petronella & the Trogot, you know who all the offenders are.  I enjoyed reading the novel first.  Now it is time to reread and note the particulars.
Petronella & the Trogot will be published on October, 1, 2012.  The paperback price is $14.95 USD/£9.99 GBP; the eBook edition is $6.99 USD/£4.99 GBP.  Thanks again to Cheryl Bentley and Sparkling Books for the opportunity to preview before publication.

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