Friday, February 7, 2014

Fantasy Friday: Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

Overall Rating: 5 stars
Addiction Level:  I ignored the husband and puppy until I finished the book.
Believe-ability:  I daydream and dream about it.


I was hesitant to read a companion novel, because I adored Ismae in Grave Mercy and wanted to follow her in Dark Triumph.  However, I became just as enamored with Sybella soon after I started Dark Triumph.
Plot wise Dark Triumph overlaps a little with Grave Mercy.  It picks up where the duchess has come to meet with the Marshall and Sybella warns the duchess of a trap.

What I liked:
  • Sybella:  She, too, is a real character.  She is not perfect and struggles with her identity and role in life.  She has a lot to overcome, being one of d’Albret’s daughters.  Ew!
  • The Beast:  I am so glad he survived!  I liked him in Grave Mercy, but I like him even more in Dark Triumph.  He epitomizes strength, honor, and integrity.  Sure “he won’t win any prizes” for his looks, but his heart is one of gold.
  • The continuation of the story.  I like how many people rally behind the 13 year old duchess.

What I disliked:
  • D’Albret:  The man is despicable!!!  While this series is historical fiction, I wonder how much liberty she took with his character.  To say the least he is despicable.  It is recorded in history that Anne duchess of Britany would not marry him.  (For more info check out LaFever’s site.)  LaFevers did an excellent job of crafting a disgusting character.  EW!!!
  • Mortain’s Abbess:  There is something up with that woman.  Hopefully we will find out in the conclusion.
  • Having to wait for Mortal Instrument!  The anticipated date is sometime in 2014.  Oh the agony of having to wait…<sighs dramatically and places hand on head while swooning>

P.S.  In case you are keeping track, yes this is the second post for Dark Triumph.  We liked the book so much, we wanted to post again!
P.P.S.  Yes, the agony of waiting is…agony!

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