Wednesday, March 5, 2014

For Entertainment Only: The Pirate's Wish by Cassandra Rose Clarke

Just the facts:

Overall: 3 Stars

Addiction Level: I read it every waking moment.

Believe-ability: It was believable.

Dystopia Factor: Eh. It’s “normal” life.

Favorite Quote: “I thought about Naji. Jackass. I thought about myself. Idiot.” (I don’t know why I find this so amusing, but I do.)


            The Pirate’s Wish is the sequel to The Assassin’s Curse and if The Assassin’s Curse was Naji’s book, then The Pirate’s Wish surely belongs to Ananna. The Pirate’s Wish definitely has a different feel to it as we get a better glimpse into the life of Ananna. There is a lot more pirating and sea battles and it seems like Ananna is in charge of things now.

            One of the things I liked best about this series (besides a refreshing story that doesn’t take three or more books to tell) is that the story is simply entertaining. It’s nice to read a story where you feel like the characters are just there to amuse you and provide an escape from our everyday world. Plus, it’s kinda fun to read about pirates (without it being commercialized, if that makes sense).

            There is still a major lack of development to the story and unfortunately some of my questions about Naji remain unanswered, but we finally find out what the “make life out of violence” thing turns out to be and that was pretty entertaining, not terribly believable, but entertaining none the less. So, I’m giving this book 3 stars and a recommendation for those who might just want to sit back and enjoy a story for what it is.  

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