Monday, December 17, 2012

I Love Him, I Love Him Not? - Possession by Elana Johnson

Just the facts:

Overall: 2 Stars

Addiction Level: I read it when I had spare time.

Believe-ability: It was believable.

Dystopia Factor: The world has been turned upside down and all hope is lost!


As much as I try not to write reviews with many spoilers, sometimes it just can’t be avoided. So, here’s your warning that the following review may be riddled with spoilers, but only minor ones, of course.

            First, let me say that I happily received this book at our annual Christmas present exchange at District 13 (thanks, Tina!) and started it right away. It was a very fast, easy read and I was able to finish it in less than a week (and we’re not even on Christmas Break yet). I enjoyed the story and despised it at the same time. Yes, that is possible.

            Possession follows the young Violet Shoenfield, who happens to be one of the worst rule breakers in a society were everyone stays in line and only does what they’re supposed to, thanks in part to the society’s mind control tactics. Because of her rule breaking attitude, she is sent to a prison of sorts were she is placed in a cell with the notorious Jag Barque. Many rules are thus broken and Violet and Jag decide to go on the run together in search for a place where they can live without fear of always being caught. Oh yes, and Violet also decides to leave behind her long term best-friend-turned-boyfriend-fiancĂ©e to escape the controlling society which may headed by her own “dead” father. (I warned you about spoilers. You would have figured it out right away anyway).

            On to what I liked. I liked the fact that the story was an easy read. I liked that Violet has a naturally snarky attitude. And I liked the overall premise of the book. Overall, I liked it, but it drove me crazy at the same time.

            I felt like Johnson cut corners by using lame words to describe things. For example, if you followed the rules you were considered a Goodie, if not, that made you a Baddie. You either lived in the Goodlands or the Badlands. Really? Then there are words like techtricity, ascender, and diminisher. Need I go on? Just wait, it gets worse. Violet and Jag drove me insane. I don’t even know how many times Violet hit Jag or threatened to hit him, not to mention the number of times they “break up” and leave each other. And yet, supposedly they are in love?

            I could go on about the annoying things, but I’ll leave it on a good note. Just to give me a glimpse of hope, Johnson salvages the last three chapters. Of course, because now I have to borrow (not buy) the second book.

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