Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Best Books of 2014

We may not have been very good about writing reviews this year but we certainly did our share of reading. So here is our annual list of the best books of the year, split by Rebecca's reviews and mine. Enjoy!

Esso's List:

#1. Alienated by Melissa Landers
Out of all the books I've read in my life, this book is one of the few that actually made me laugh out loud. (Seriously, it was kind of embarrassing.) I love the characters in this story and am looking forward to what might happen next. 

#2. Champion by Marie Lu
I wasn't sure I liked where Lu was going with the story in this last book. However, after finishing it I realized I truly did like it. I even reread the ending multiple times because I felt it was so powerful.

#3. Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens
I usually don't read contemporary fiction but this was one of the few exceptions. I'm not sure if it was pregnancy hormones, but this book actually brought me to tears. I ended up reading it again. I highly recommend it. 

#4. Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo
As far as series conclusions go, this was a good one. It may not be how I wished things would have turned out, but I can't argue with what happens. It's satisfying even though I still want to pout about it a little.

#5. Uninvited by Sophie Jordan 
I have enjoyed Jordan's other fluffy books and this one was just as good (but not really fluff). The concept is an interesting one and provokes real life questions about DNA and the effect it has on a person's life choices. I'm looking forward to the next book in this series. 

Rebecca's List:

#1. Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers
      I loved this book because it was a fresh concept.  It mixed adventure, romance, and strong characters together.  What is not to love about assassin nuns?

#2. Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers
      What is not to love about the continuation of a series you love?  Dark Triumph is a continuation of the Grave Mercy series.  LaFevers characters and setting were believable.  I lost myself in the world and wondered if I, too, could become an assassin nun!

#3. Champion by Marie Lu
     Finally a third book that does not obliterate its companions.  Champion continued the story of the Legend series nicely.  The resolution was very satisfying.  

#4. White Hart by Sarah Dalton
      White Hart was an upbeat, fast-paced, action-packed adventure sprinkled with romance.  Dalton is able to convince you to care for her characters, and the adventure is believable.  This is different than her Blemished series, but I enjoyed it just as much.

#5. Neighborhood Odes by Gary Soto 
      My students write odes every year as part of our Antigone unit.  I wanted more contemporary odes, and Gary Soto delivered.  My favorite ode is the ode to tortillas; it reminds me of my childhood. 

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