Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nothing to Write Home About: Atlantia by Ally Condie

Just the facts:

Overall:  2 1/2 Stars

Addiction Level: I read it when I had spare time. 

Believe-ability: It was believable. 

Dystopia Factor: The world is starting to disintegrate. 


       I was able to read a preview of Atlantia a couple of months ago. Although I wasn't completely sold on the concept and story, I was looking forward to borrowing the book to see what Condie had up her sleeve this time. Atlantia takes place in a future world where society has been separated into two colonies, one that lives above ground in a polluted atmosphere and one that lives below the sea. The two colonies depend upon one another for survival but as the story begins we start to learn that all is not what it seems. There is an overly familiar feel to the book as one of the very first scenes is that of the young adults choosing whether they would like to stay in Atlantia or go above ground. The story centers on sisters Rio and Bay, and the mystery of why one chooses to leave the other.

       I wouldn't say that the book was disappointing, but rather that it just fell flat. There were times when my only thoughts about what was happening were "this has been done before". The characters were nothing special. I didn't develop a connection to any of them and if you asked me to describe them or their appearance I don't think I would be able to. (I also didn't care for their names.) The relationship between Rio and True was lackluster and I never even felt the development of their love. At one point it wasn't there and then it was, but it didn't read as insta-love either. It was almost an odd afterthought that had nothing to support it. 

       I did appreciate that Condie attempted a book with sisters at the center. It was nice to read something where family connections were important, even if the concept overall missed the mark. If another book comes out I will likely read it, but it certainly won't be a book that will be high on my TBR list.

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