Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rough Around the Edges: The Dusk Gate Chronicles by Breanna Puttroff


Just the Facts:

Overall Rating: 3 stars
Addiction Level:  Spare time --> I read it every waking moment.
Believe-ability:  Some aspects were real; others were not.


It took me two years to read my best friend’s favorite series.  I declined, I was busy, I was lost in other worlds. 
Seeds of Discovery did not win me over.  In fact I was less than enthralled.  It was too slow for my action-packed self, and it had too much exposition and very little conflict.  I read it, because Book Club chose to read it, it was free, and I did not want to be a complete party pooper.  I whined while I read it…a lot…very unbecoming I know.
You must be asking yourself why did I continue?  Why would I even bother writing a review if book one was sooo bad?  Puttroff ended Seeds of Discovery in a cliff hanger!  Maybe I took it as a challenge.  In any event, I needed to know what happened next!  Book Two, Roots of Insight, satisfied my curiosity and wetted my appetite for more.  The more I read the better the series got.  I could have ended with book four, Blooms of Consequence.  I was satisfied with the ending.
Books five and six (Cane of Divergence and Leaves of Revolution) continued the adventures in the new land.  I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the stories and how much better the writing was.
The only thing left to do is read Crossed Roses, book one from Will’s point of view!

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