Saturday, February 28, 2015

To Live Forever or Not: Incarnate Series by Jodi Meadows

Just the Facts:
Overall Rating:  3 stars
Addiction Level:  I read it every waking moment.
Believe-ability:  The setting is believable.


What would I do if I had 5,000 years to live?  Would I make the most of my moments, waste my life away, or try new things?  Many people (in this series) perfected their art.  Some like Sam took on new projects and tried to become knowledgeable about many trades.
Drop an 18 year old soul into the mix and everything changes.  I like that Ana was curious and wanted to learn.  I was jealous at how easily playing, reading, and composing music came to her.  I was at her immaturity.  I reached a point in Asunder when I wanted to put the book down and walk away.  Ana’s whining and lack of understanding almost ruined the series for me.
I really enjoyed Sam, Stef, Sarit, Sine, Cris, and Armade.  I felt like they were my friends, my new family.  In fact I like them better than Ana.
Janan, the temple, bothered me from the beginning.  He was put forth as a god, but he did not love his people.  Nor did he love Ana.  While it took a while to reveal the truth, I was relieved and disgusted by Janan.  It makes me appreciate God more.  He loves his people and takes care of them.  He listens when we cry out; He is there.
While a lot of advancement was made, I was surprised at the difference between their society and ours.  They had aqueducts like the Romans and smartphones like us, yet they still lived in a community that focused on basic needs and simple pleasures.  I was surprised at the lack of televisions, computers (for gaming), and sports.
I was also reminded of how easily people dislike differences and are not willing to look past the exterior.  They will always be those who dislike change.  Is it easier to change the mind of someone who is 5,000 years old or a 5,000 year old culture?  Can new people/ideas change the world for the better? 
If you are looking for a thoughtful series with romance and adventure, pick up the Incarnate series by Jodi Meadows.

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