Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How many lives will you live? Incarnate by Jodi Meadows

Just the Facts:

Overall Rating: 4 stars

Addiction Level: I ignored the hubby and puppy and stayed up late to read!

Believe-ability: I daydream about the created world and wonder how I fit in.

Dystopia Factor: The world is starting to disintegrate.


I enjoyed Incarnate, because I wanted Ana to succeed. No one wanted to help, love, or friend her, because she was new. No one thought she was worthy of anything.

I also enjoyed it, because after I finished reading sections the story would stay with me. Is reincarnation possible? Do soul mates exist? How would I live my life differently? How real is faith? Can you believe because you have been told to?

All the souls in Incarnate are 5000 years old, and they are continually reincarnated. They come back in different bodies, but their souls remain the same. Ana, the protagonist, is a new soul. No one knows if she will be reincarnated when she dies.

In essence this society, Range, is immortal. They do not fear dying, because they will come back. I am not sure what I would do if I was immortal. Would I live right every time, or would I allow myself the freedom to explore new things and make mistakes? What would most people choose? I think it would be awesome to master so many trades, but I think I would grow weary continually living without a purpose.

Their god, Janan, says he created them for a purpose and that he will protect them. However, Janan is a very silent god. He does not seem to communicate or act. Most people do not believe in him. It is hard to blame them, because Range has to protect itself from dragons, centaurs, and other mysterious, dangerous creatures. Janan built the city, Heart, where the people of Range live. Its walls and buildings protect them from the previous mentioned dangers.

Meadows makes an interesting commentary on religion and faith. Only a few believe. Janan has provided shelter and protection but does not communicate otherwise. He seems to be a god who demands worship but does not interact with his people. Is religion only for those who need it? What kind of god is he? What happens if you do not worship god? What if you desire more?

Like many of the Range inhabitants, I want more. “I know Whom I have believ├Ęd.” I know who my God is, what He is capable of doing, and that He lives. I understand the lack of faith in Janan. On the other hand I also understand faith is a gift. Without faith one does not believe, and that is a gift of God.

Overall, I enjoyed this read. Meadows thoughts on immortality and faith are different but thought provoking. The romance was believable, because it was not Insta!Love. (Yes, I just said I enjoyed the romance.) I enjoyed Ana’s journey, and I look forward to what is next.

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