Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sprint to the End

It’s Tuesday, and I’m already tired. Actually I was tired yesterday. Why am I tired at the beginning of the week, you ask? We have had several shortened work weeks, testing, and Spring Break, so maybe I am tired of breaks or devastated that there are no more breaks until Summer! That’s right folks…reality has set in! Twelve week grades are due next week, and then we sprint to the end of the school year. (Our semesters are broken into three six week grading periods as opposed to two nine week grading periods.) I certainly hope I can cram everything I need to in the next few weeks. Ah!

Do you know why else I am tired? I am sitting in my classroom at 3:20 in the afternoon instead of enjoying the nice lovely day. It is 77° inside and outside, and my swamp cooler is doing nothing with the warm air except swishing it around the room. They might make the heater to cooler conversion at the end of April…hopefully. In the meantime we will turn off the lights, open the windows, and pretend we are cool.

Speaking of being cool…us Apocalypse Reads people are reading some pretty cool books. I am reading Legend by Marie Lu and Partials by Dan Wells. Esso has lent me the first and the library the latter. I am hoping I can bribe coerce convince the library to extend my loan. In any event, we are reading, but life has gotten in the well. Happy reading! May the odds be ever in your favor!

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