Monday, April 8, 2013

Get Teens Reading with The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness Post #2

My days of teaching The Hunger Games are gone.  Students have already read it, “read it,” or seen the movie.  With a little help from my friends (Thanks Lorie and Tina!), I decided to teach The Knife of Never Letting Go (TKONLG).

How Patrick Ness slipped under that radar, I do not know.  I broke the book into six parts – one for every part of the book.  Students were responsible for reading the part, completing three dialectical journal entries, and being ready for the quiz and discussion.  On the very first day we discussed Part 1 of TKONLG, I had one male student in each class (of three) who had finished the book.  Those students have since finished or almost finished the series.  Needless to say student engagement is at all time high.

My favorite questions/statements are:
·         Will Aaron ever die?
·         Is Aaron a zombie?
·         I hate you! (after reading part 5)
·         How would you make us read this book? (after reading part 5)
·         Will Viola live?
·         What’s the name of the next book?
Half of my student said they will probably read the next book(s).  Go Reading!  (I have already observed several students reading The Ask and the Answer during SSR.)
If you are looking for a good book that captures the audience, check out TKONLG.  You won’t be sorry!
Just in case you have not read it, check out this book trailer:

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