Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Clash of the Clans: The Unleashed by Sarah Dalton

Overall Rating:  3 stars
Addiction Level:  I read it when I had spare time.
Believe-ability:  The setting is believable.
Dystopia Factor:  The world is starting to disintegrate.


Overall I liked the story, and Dalton wrapped up the loose ends. The ending is a little sappy, but the reader has a solid conclusion. The reader also knows the characters will continue to live on.  

Of the whole series I believe The Blemished is the best. In The Unleashed I found the drama and conflict/resolution cycle frustrating and predictable. (I am the last person to pick up on clues; I would make a terrible detective.)

What I liked most about the series is Dalton got me thinking.
  1. While we do not always understand people, especially our parents, for the most part I believe that parents love their children. As humans we are flawed, and the expression of love is also flawed. Hold onto the good and the love we have for one another.
  2. An equal society could never exist. Many have tried, and many have failed. Take Animal Farm for example.
  3. Someone or group will always want and take power. Many will not be the best leaders.
  4. As part of the power struggle, those in power have to assert it over other people. I do not understand this. It may be because in my heart I believe all people have the potential to be good.
  5. The Unleashed is a tale of rebellion and taking back the power. What will it take for me to begin to stand up for injustice?
Love those around. Fight for injustice. Long live freedom!

Many thanks to Sarah Dalton for an Advanced Reader's Copy.

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