Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Surviving an Alien Invasion: The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey

Overall Rating: 5 stars
Addiction Level:  I ignored the husband and puppy until I finished the book.
Believe-ability:  I daydream about the created world and know I would have died in the first wave.
Dystopia Factor:  The world has been turned upside down, all hope is lost, but maybe our hero and heroine can save it.


What can I say about this book?  It is awesome!  Aliens have come to our world, invaded our lives, and are trying to extinguish us.  If you like Falling Skies, you will love this book!
Cassie is a strong female character.  It is not hard to root for her.  She is trying to survive the invasion and find her brother.  Both admirable goals.  She has moments of doubt, but she succeeds more than I would have in an apocalypse. 
Evan is a mystery.  He is both a good guy and a bad guy.  Like Cassie I have my doubts about him, but I cannot place my finger on what is off about him.  In the end he redeems himself beyond doubt, and I love that about his character.
Zombie is a mess.  It is inspiring to see him leave his old life behind and embrace his new life.  He is a great example of how to overcome hardship.  His real identity is both shocking and expected.
I love the following quotes, because they are so poignant: 
“One day I was outside,” he says, “hanging up some sheets to dry on the clothesline, and this weird feeling came over me.  Like something had popped me in the chest.  I mean, it was totally physical, not mental, not a little voice inside my head telling me…telling me that Lauren was gone.  It felt like someone had punched me hard.  And I knew.  So I dropped the sheet and hauled ass to her house…” (Yancey, p. 271).
“I’ve decided to trust him, but like somebody once said, you can’t force yourself to trust.  So you put all your doubts in a little box and bury it deep and then try to forget where you buried it.  My problem is that buried box is like a scab I can’t stop picking at” (Yancey, p. 340).
“There's an old saying about truth setting you free. Don't buy it. Sometimes the truth slams the cell door shut and throws a thousand bolts.”
I think the picture Yancey paints is pretty accurate.  I am little nervous for the sequel, but I cannot wait to see where the story goes next.  Who will survive?

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