Friday, January 24, 2014

Fantasy Friday: Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

Overall Rating: 5 stars
Addiction Level:  I ignored the husband and puppy until I finished the book.
Believe-ability:  I daydream and dream about it.


Female assassins?  Check.  Who serve the god of Death?  Check.  Historical Fiction from the 15th century?  Check.  Strong male and female characters?  Check.  Sprinkle it with an authentic love story?  Count me in!
Once I began the story I could not put the book down.  LaFevers drew me into her world; I had no doubts about its authenticity.  The mission is simple:  Save the duchess from those who would overthrow her.

What I loved:

  • Ismae:  Her character was naïve, loyal, fierce, and likable.  She is real.  She struggles with her place in this world and how to juggle her job and her devotion to her god.
  • Duval:  He is a strong male character who values life.  He is honorable and not a “pig.” (There were plenty of pigs to go around.)  His best friends Beast and de Lornay are a testament to his good character; they will do anything for him.  Friendships like those are rare.
  • Beast:  LaFevers was able to capture his personality in a page.  Like Ismae I instantly liked him.  He reminds of Veronica Rossi’s Roar in Under the Never Sky. (My only complaint…I want more!)
  • The Love Story:  It was believable.  It was not insta-love.  I was smitten way before Ismae, and I had to wait impatiently for her to realize her true feelings.
  • The ending:  The ending gave me peace.  While I need want more, I can walk away satisfied knowing the characters will continue to live.
  • Not having to wait for Dark Triumph!

What I disliked:
  • Having to guess at ages.  I know it is a young adult tale, so ages are important.  There are some clues, but spell it out for me.
  • D’Albret!  Ew!  All I have to say is ew…and what a pig.  Good writing.

  • As I read about Ismae’s devotion to Mortain, I thought about my devotion to God.  Do I love Him that much?  Is my first thought always on His will?  How can I please Him?
Thanks to Esso for this new series!  Off to read Dark Triumph!

P.S.  In case you are keeping track, yes this is the second post for Grave Mercy.  We liked the book so much, we wanted to post again!

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