Sunday, January 1, 2012

Meet the Family (Part 2): The Pigeon

AKA: The world’s most (un)persuasive being

Stats: The Pigeon was first published in 2003, so he is at least 11 years old! However, he acts like he is four or five.

Book Character He Most Admires: Himself of course. He has six books!

Favorite Activities: being cute and trying to manipulate persuade anyone who will listen.

Bio: The Pigeon is the most awesome, adorable pigeon alive. A student gave me the stuffed animal version last year for Christmas. (Best present ever!) Though he is adorable, the Pigeon likes to persuade people, especially small children, to let him drive the bus, stay up late, eat a hot dog, or get a puppy. The Pigeon’s only worries in my house are Ember, who thinks he is a new dog toy. Despite that, he makes a wonderful companion and a great cookie baker!

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