Sunday, January 22, 2012

Meet the Family (Part 3): Heidi

AKA: No known alias.

Stats: 3 year old German Shepherd who understands English and German.

Book character she most admires: Kolya Vlasov (City of Thieves). Heidi (a sometimes deserter herself) admires Kolya’s need to be free from the Red Army and adventurous lifestyle. She looks up to Kolya’s unwavering positive attitude and the belief that everything will turn out right in the end.

Favorite Activities: Running and playing outside, stealing toys from Lacey, and stalking Allie like prey.

Bio: Heidi is the first dog we’ve ever adopted. She was relinquished by her original owner because she was “too much to handle”. Ever since we brought her home, we realized that was not the case. Although she loves to spend most of her time outside, she is a model citizen when she’s in the house. Heidi is a wonderful, sweet, and loving companion. Each day she looks forward to trying to snuggle under the blankets and wake me up in the morning by putting her wet nose in my face.

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