Saturday, May 12, 2012

Search for Truth: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Just the Facts:

Overall Rating: 4 Stars
Addiction Level:  I ignored the hubby, puppy, and some grading until I finished the book.
Believe-ability:  I daydream about the created world and wonder how I fit in.
Dystopia Factor:  The world has been turned upside down and all hope is lost, but maybe our hero/heroine can save it.


Dear Blog Readers,
It’s confession time.  As a member of the Candor faction, I must speak honestly to you.  I hope you won’t hate me for this or think poorly of me.  It is not easy for me to admit, but I think the time has come.  I’m pretty sure I have a new favorite author and book series.  Blasphemous I know!  Two years ago I discovered The Hunger Games.  (Thanks Esso!)  It changed the course of my history.  Finally a great story of sacrifice and triumph with a kick-butt heroine is published.  The obsession has grown: book club, blog, t-shirts, tattoos (fake), L.A.R.P., etc.  The Hunger Games holds a special place in my heart, but now it is time to move on.  <sniff>
Divergent and I first met casually last summer.  A friend (Cat) recommended it, and I said sure.  Why not?  Mockingjay and Matched were published, consumed, and digested.  I wasn’t really expecting much, and then wham! Divergent hit me!  So many questions and possibilities.  I am betraying my faction.  On to the review of Insurgent

·         The heart-pounding, stomach-wrenching, adrenaline-filled, nonstop action
o   It was difficult to put the book down, because I was afraid the action would continue without me.  It did not; in fact it followed me into my dreams where I fought and ran all night.
·         The stress and strain on Tris and Tobias’ relationship
o   It was agonizing to watch their relationship teeter and stretch.  However, I know that to truly participate in a relationship that one must know and understand oneself.  I enjoyed getting to know other aspects of Tris and Tobias. 
·         The search for truth
o    We know at the end of Divergent that Tris, Tobias, Caleb, and Marcus were on their way to the Amity compound to seek refuge and discover the truth of why the Erudite were controlling the Dauntless.
o   The search continues, and it brings about unlikely alliances and betrayals.

·         The stress and strain on Tris and Tobias’ relationship
o   The wait to see if they would figure themselves and the situation out was agonizing.  I worried about them.  Briefly I thought about counseling and realized they needed to struggle first.
·         The ending
o   I was devouring the book, knowing the end was pages away, and it ended.  Granted that Roth ended in a very logical place does not satisfy my unquenchable desire for more.  I NEED more…NOW!
·         The wait
o   I do not want to cannot wait another year!  Agony!  Defeat! 

Why Divergent is my new favorite series:
  • I am ready for a new adventure. 
    • They search for truth and understanding. 
  • Self-Awareness
    • Characters in Divergent make very deliberate and conscious choices.  They are not victims of the system.  They own the system.  It makes me aware of my choices and non-choices and the effects of both.
  • Writer Presence & Writing
    • Veronica Roth is very present and active in the online community.  I feel like we might be friends if circumstances were right.
    • Her novels are very powerful.  I lose myself in them every time I read. 

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