Thursday, December 22, 2011

Meet the Family: Allie

     Since Rebecca and I frequently reference our puppies, we figured it would be good to introduce them to our wonderful readers. So here's the first of our introductions, featuring Allie.

AKA: Al, Albie, Albert, Bert, Bertie, or whatever else I come up with. Her Harry Potter inspired name - Bertie Bott’s Every Color Spots.

Stats: 7 year old (almost) walker hound with an intense case of doggie OCD.

Book character she most admires: Sam Goode (I Am Number Four). They share a belief in alien conspiracy theories and overall nerdiness.

Favorite Activities: Sleeping, barking at nothing, and stealing deer meat off the grill.

Bio: Allie is the oldest of my three girls. She prefers to stay inside and sleep the day away, which makes her the perfect writing companion. As a puppy, I trained her to sleep in with me, which is great except when I have to leave early in the morning. Now, I have to physically pick her up out of bed to make her go outside. Not an easy task with a 65 pound, limp animal with four appendages. What’s the saying? - Hindsight is 20/20. Yup. Allie's OCD tendencies can be overwhelming and include: freaking out if you touch her while she is standing on a hard surface, not being able to eat without first carrying a mouthful of food across the house, and many others. Currently, her biggest issue is not wanting to go outside for fear of getting snow on her feet. Sounds terrible, yes?

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