Thursday, December 29, 2011

Meet the Family (Part 2): Lacey

AKA: Goose

Stats: 6 year old yellow lab with a habit of overeating.

Book character she most admires: Manchee (The Knife of Never Letting Go). Lacey and Manchee share a deep love for their owners and a desire to please. Lacey looks up to Manchee as the ultimate image of man’s best friend.

Favorite Activities: Carrying toys around the house and sticks around the yard, helping Himself and me do chores, and wagging her tail.

Bio: Lacey was a Christmas gift from me to Himself the second year we were married. Her primary job in the family is to be Himself’s hunting partner. (She’s our only puppy with a real job). She spends her days helping out around the house and never goes anywhere without her “baby” (teddy bear). She loves to sneak into our bed at night. Usually, she asks to get on the bed, I answer with a no, and if she’s feeling really daring she’ll time her jump at the exact moment I turn out the light and she’ll lay down quickly, thinking that I won’t notice her if she’s really still. Unfortunately for her, I usually notice when 65 pounds is laying on my legs.

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